How to use .wsl files in Visual Studio

This article has been created to understand how easy and simple is using the Web Style Library (. Wsl) of Infragistics NetAdvantage for ASP.Net in the Visual Studio.

Infragistics has developed a framework called Application Styling Framework (ASF) to create styles to applications, where you can create a single style (called StyleSets) and used in any application. For more information about the ASF please visit the product documentation.

There is not much information online about how to use the .wsl files in Visual Studio and the Infragistics forums refers to reading the product documentation.

It is easy to implement, since the NetAdvantage takes care of the hard work for you. See below the steps to use it:

  1. Enable the Application Styling Configuration AddIn in Visual Studio
  2. Open the NetAdvantage for ASP.Net AppStylist and follow the steps listed here
  3. After create your own style, save changes and open Visual Studio
  4. With the current project open, go to Tools/Application Styling Configuration Net Advantage Application Styling Configuration Tool
  5. Make click in the button Import Style Sets …
  6. Make click in the button Select Style Library and find the path where you saved the file .wsl and click in the button Open. In my case, save my file wsl in My Documents/Demo InfragisticsWeb Style Library .wsl
  7. Select the StyleSets you want to import into your application and then click in the button Import SelectedNetAdvantage Import StyleSets
  8. You can select from the drop down list Select Application Style Set the default style you want in your application. If you want to leave the Default, then you can change the style in the design or the code. The style shown here are the styles to be imported into your application. I select my new style. In this window you have the option to modify the field value StyleSet Path, the value of this field is where you will install these styles in your application. Click on OKNet Advantage Application Styling Configuration Tool
  9. Your styles have been successfully added to your application, you must update your project by clicking the Refresh button on your Solution Explorer and look the path you inserted into StyleSet Path field, in my case, I leave the default  value ~/ig_res/ NetAdvantage Styles Imported
  10. Done, you can use your styles created from NetAdvantage for ASP.Net AppStylist

If you want to change any of the styles created, you can do it directly from your application or opening the AppStylist NetAdvantage for ASP.Net tool.

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